Project Send It Mission – Vision – Values


The mission of Project Send It is to make rock climbing accessible to any child. We engage dedicated volunteers to bring the benefits of climbing to children who face barriers to access.   Through climbing, we create opportunities to experience healthy risk-taking, build trust and confidence, and develop problem-solving skills.  Kids who climb with us grow to feel comfortable and welcome in all the places people climb, from gyms to crags.  Project Send It gets kids climbing to build stronger kids, safer communities, and future stewards of beloved outdoor spaces. 


Creating climbing opportunities for all children across North America. A child’s financial resources, race, gender, ethnic background, or physical impairment should never be a barrier to rock climbing. Project Send It is introducing children to rock climbing who have not historically been given the opportunity. Belay On!



Not only for the children who learn to adapt to their environment through climbing, but also us as an organization being open & dynamic to meet the ever-changing needs of the communities who reach out to us for help. 


Providing access to climbing and resources for underserved communities. From an organizational standpoint, connecting donors, volunteers, gyms, and children together in a way that previously did not exist.


Opening up a once small and homogenous climbing community. In the organization, bringing a group of people with diverse backgrounds and skill sets together to empower children.


Creating opportunities to get outside of one’s comfort zone to promote growth and transformation, for the children we serve, our volunteers, and as an organization that flourishes in the face of adversity.


Providing opportunities and engaging with the climbing community to give back. Project Send It ushers in the next generation of climbers to be stewards of their sport and their environment. 

Project Send It’s Nondiscrimination Policy:

Project Send It’s non-discrimination policy applies to all Project Send It board members, volunteers, employees, contractors, and clients.  Project Send It follows an equal opportunity policy and does not discriminate in recruiting volunteers and board members, or in serving clients.  Project Send It prohibits discrimination based on age, ancestry, color, creed, gender variance, genetic characteristics or information, marital status, mental disability, national origin, documentation status, physical disability, race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, or any other protected characteristic under any applicable federal, state, or local laws prohibiting discrimination.