Project Send It: A Year in Review – Celebrating Our Achievements in 2023

In 2023, Project Send It reached new heights, making a significant impact in the climbing community and beyond. 

Our outreach efforts in the Boulder/Denver area culminated in a major success: the opening of the first public climbing wall in Boulder County at the Longmont Rec Center. This achievement filled a vital staffing position and brought the joy of climbing to the local

The power of our program was further recognized in Portland, Oregon, where a local climbing coach expressed interest in partnering with us. This collaboration resulted in the birth of a new Project Send It chapter, spreading our mission even further.

Financially, we saw tremendous support with $6,600 in total donations. This generosity enabled us to continue and expand the Sendership program, with a budget increase to $5,250. We proudly supported 28 recipients, including six who received the maximum amount of $350. Our program also supported six climbing clubs, ten camps, and twelve team competitors.

In addition, we launched the Projects Grant program, notably supporting a project at Gypsum Creek Middle School. This initiative exemplifies our commitment to empowering young climbers and fostering community engagement.

Looking ahead to 2024, we are excited to formalize our chapter structures and processes, with a focus on building leadership in Denver and supporting our new Portland chapter. We will continue our successful Denver programs and work to solve transportation challenges for after-school clubs.

Our climbing programs have been a cornerstone of our success. We’ve partnered with Jefferson High School, the Struggle of Love Foundation, Heart & Hand Center, and Latino Outdoors, providing enriching experiences for young climbers. Our collaboration with Latino Outdoors was particularly notable, with 20 kids participating in an outdoor day!

In total, we facilitated 243 indoor climbing KidDays across various locations, demonstrating our widespread impact. Finally, the dedication of our 40 volunteers, contributing 205 hours, has been the backbone of our success.

In summary, 2023 was a year of growth, impact, and community for Project Send It. We are thrilled to continue this momentum into 2024, scaling new heights and bringing the joy of climbing to even more people!